Ms. Jamie Schmidt - ELA

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     Welcome to 7th grade English Language Arts!

My goal as your student's 7th grade ELA teacher is to challenge him/her to become strategic readers, effective writers, engaging speakers, and critical thinkers. I hold high aspirations for your student and will further enable him/her to see what they are capable of!

This year we are using the Springboard Curriculum, which is a rigorous program that focuses on text complexity, textual evidence and real world connections. Please note, the interactive textbooks and notebooks stay in the classroom. I've included an overview of each grade category below:

Embedded Assessments 35%
Students will complete in-class, progressive writing assignments at the middle and end of each unit.

Classwork 30%
Students will complete daily bell-work, various class activities/ projects, and SpringBoard workbook pages. 

Quizzes 25%
Weekly vocabulary quizzes will be given every Friday and occasional curriculum based quizzes will be given occasionally.  

Homework 10% "The RV Folder" - collected every Friday
Reading- Students must read 20 minutes a night, write a summary, and get a parent signature. All this should be in their Reading Log which is latched in the middle prongs of the RV Folder.
Vocabulary- Students will 
receive 4 new vocabulary words every Monday. These will be written on index cards and stored in a manila envelope, which will be kept inside the RV Folder. For homework Monday- Thursday, complete 1 box each day from the CHOICE BOARD (located on the front of the manilla envelope) no repeats in a week.

If any questions or concerns arise, I encourage you to contact me at any time.
~Ms. Schmidt
Office Hours: Tuesdays 2:30-3:30