Rules for student Behavior:

‚ÄčRules for student Behavior:

Students are expected to follow the rules of Haut Gap Middle and Spanish Classroom at all times.Student will accept the consequences for their misbehavior.

Spanish classroom rules include:

  1. Always show respect to your teacher, your classmates and yourself.
  2.  Arrive in class on time and be prepared with the appropriated materials and completed assignments.
  3. Listen to others and actively participate in class discussions and activities.
  4. Obey the honor code PRIDE and make sure that yours work is your own.
  5. Always do you best!


  • First Offense: Verbal warning*
  • Second offense: Student/ Teacher conference.
  • Third Offense: Parent/ Guardian contact.
  • Fourth offense: Referral.

   *In necessary cases, an offense can result in an immediate referral.

Classroom Procedures:

  1. Lessons and instructional practices from one day to the next will vary greatly, but the order of class will remain similar on day-to-day basis.
  2. Students should go directly to their assigned seat and begin the “Bell work practice” on the board.
  3. Students are quiet remaining in their seats to ensure they are not marked tardy or absent.
  4. Homework and other assignments are to be submitted in the front and drawers by the door.
  5. Students will need utilizing Agendas for passes to leave class at any time.