Sustainability 101

Mission Statement

As a Haut Gap Middle School student, I pledge to help guide others in believing that sustainability is crucial to our environment. I will spread the word about organic gardening, recycling, and composting. I am committed to helping the environment and our school become a better place.


Davion, Eva, Mary, Kiley, Autumn, and Nya are
working together to build a garden bed. 


The S101 team working together to plant lettuce and kale.

10/11/2014 - Today we met to discuss our Sustainability 101 Mission Statement. Understanding the impact of growing organic food, recycling products, and composting became the most important factors in our mission. Ultimately, we are creating a foot print that helps the environment. We drew up plans for our fall harvest. We had to use math for spacing and think about what plants would work well planted together. We carefully read planting packages in addition to looking at pages on the internet to educate ourselves about best planting practices.

11/8/2014 - Today we built a standing garden bed to add to the eight beds we have already in the HGMS garden. The teachers helped us navigate building the structure, but we were responsible for the actual construction. We ending up planting kale and lettuce in the beds. We spent the rest of our time weeding the already established beds of okra, broccoli, radishes, lettuce, and turnips. 



measure planting
Precise measuring



12/6/2014 - We spent a lot of time weeding today since it had been a month, including Thanksgiving Break since our last meeting.  In addition to weeding,  we planned our Harvest Feast. We looked up recipes that included our vegetables that successfully made it through the bugs and critters. Our okra didn't make it. We decided to plan salads due to our abundance of lettuce and radishes. We also looked for recipes that included turnips. 

12/17/2014 - Today we celebrated our Fall Harvest with a Feast! Some of the items from the garden included salad and cooked turnips. Over 40 students, family members, and faculty showed up to the feast. 


Cleaning for the Feast.

fruits of our labors

Eating the Fruits of our Labors