P.E. Units:   Kickball, Ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee Golf, Ultimate Football, Whiffleball, Badminton, Fitness, Track & Field, Indoor and Outdoor Soccer, Team Handball, Volleyball, Rock Climbing, , Basketball, Yoga, Aerobics and Archery (8th only). A new unit this year will be Roller Skating. It will be a week long unit in the gym and will cost around $10-$15 a student.

Personal-Social Skills: Best Effort, Respect for Rules, Valuing Physical Activity, Sportsmanship, Goal Setting, Following Directions, Cooperation, Respect for Others, Self Control, Compassion for Others, Responsibility, Constructive Competition, Initiative, Leadership.


  1. To demonstrate competence in selected fundamental motor skills and selected body management skills.
  2. To demonstrate development and maintenance of selected indicators of physical fitness.
  3. To demonstrate knowledge of selected cognitive concepts related to health and physical education.
  4. To demonstrate selected personal-social skills while participating in lifelong physical activities.

Class Rules

  • Stop activity immediately when directed.
  • Keep cell phones in a safe place turned off.
    • Demonstrate good sportsmanship.
    • Care for and return equipment.
    • No food, drinks or gum in gym or locker-rooms.
    • Bring required attire to PE.
    • Be on time to class.
    • Have a great attitude!
    • Use positive words and actions.
    • Use a level 1 voice in the locker-rooms
  • See PRIDE matrix.

Grading Scale

93-100= A

92-85= B

84-77= C

76-70= D

69 or below= F                                                                                                                                                    

                                                                     Participation= 50%

                                                                     Fitness Gram= 25%

                                                                     Knowledge/Skill= 15%

                                                                     Pride= 10%

Participation Grade 10 points are given for each day.

Deductions are made for the following:

  • Not Dressed/Lack of Effort= 10 Point Deduction
  • Not Following Directions= 4 Point Deduction
  • Tardy to Class/Squad, Inappropriate Clothing/Jewelry/ Gum= 3 Point Deduction 

Class Procedures

  1. Excuse From Participation
    • You will participate in PE class unless you have a written medical excuse. If you are well enough to come to school, you are well enough to take part in class activities.
  2. Health Concerns
    • If you have medical or health issues that could affect you during class, you must indicate that on “PE Form”.
    • If your condition or situation changes, it is your responsibility to notify me.
    • If you are injured during class, let the teacher know immediately 
  3. Locks & Lockers
    • You will be issued a lock and locker number in the locker room. You may not use a lock from home. You will have to share your locker with other students.
    • Lockers and locks are school property, and should be treated as such. You are responsible for your own lock. If your lock is lost, a replacement fee of $5.00 must be paid.
    • You may use the larger lockers only during PE class; otherwise keep your clothes in your assigned locker.
    • All of your belongings should be appropriately locked up during and after PE class.
    • No glass or spray bottles are permitted in the locker room.
    • No lunches, backpacks, or coats should be in the locker room.
    • If you lose something, check the lost and found or check with your teacher
    • Ipads need to be placed in Mrs. Handy’s or Mr. Fain’s office in the designated area.
    • Restroom breaks are done only during the beginning of class and at the end of class while you are changing in the locker-rooms 
  4. Dress
    • You must change from your uniform into your PE clothes on days we meet in the gym.
    • Appropriate attire only, which includes:
      1. White or Light Grey T-shirt-with your last name on the back is recommended. No tank tops.
      2. Gym Shorts- Athletic wear; basketball shorts, sweat pants. No belt loops or cut offs.
      3. Tennis Shoes- clean, tied, no slips-ons, no black soles that leave marks.
      4. Sweatshirts- for outside use only.
      5. Absolutely no jewelry allowed in PE class. I.E. watches, necklaces, earrings, etc.
      6. Gym clothes should be taken home and washed every Friday.
  5. Attendance:
    • Daily routine: warm up, activity, and culmination
    • Report to your floor space/squad.
    • If you are absent, it is your responsibility to check with the teacher to make up missed work. 
  6. Miscellaneous
  • In the event you forget your PE clothes, you may rent clothes for the class period for 25 cents. If you don’t have 25 cents, you must complete the “No Dress Assignment”.

    *Everyone Dresses Every Day!

  • Do not enter Mrs. Handy’s or Mr. Fain’s office unless invited in.
  • Equipment room is off limits, and equipment is not to be touched unless directed to.
  • Refer to “Weekly Unit Sign” in order to know what we will be doing each day.


Remember: PE is a participation class! You will do well if you participate and do your best.