Dana Brown - Visual Arts

Hello My Name Is...

Dana Brown

My love for the creative arts can be traced back to childhood.  As a young girl, I found ways to express my creativity through drawings and innovative projects. Even then, a trend became evident in each of my creations:  faith, family and culture; themes that continue to materialize in my work.  
In 2000, I went on to pursue art formally at Columbia College, located in the Midlands of SC. There I studied such art forms as painting, printmaking, sculpting and drawing, among others. The culmination of my undergraduate studies is evident in the paint series, "Let Him Enjoy Them All." The seven painting series utilizes the lily as a metaphor to the beauty of life.  Each stage is represented: from the bud, symbolizing birth, to the fallen flower, denoting death.  Faith.
In 2006, I obtained a Masters degree in Art Therapy from Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, VA.  My master's thesis, entitled "Art Therapy and Stories of Adolescence from the Gullah/Geechee Culture," spoke to my desire to highlight a few of my other core values:  family and culture.  I accredits the research conducted as part of this study with helping me to develop a greater appreciation and understanding of my history. 
I am currently teaching here at Haut Gap, where I was formerly a student. To this day, I continue to create pieces that represent my life's values:  faith, family, and culture.