Technology Use Policy & iPad Agreement

Technology User Policy
Responsible Use Agreement and Guidelines fo the ASM-HGMS iPad Program





ersonal Responsibility


  • Carry your iPad with the cover closed
  • Carry your iPad in the yellow string backpack provided
  • Carry only your iPad in the yellow string backpack (with nothing else in the backpack)
  • Keep your iPad out of the restrooms and the cafeteria where it may get wet
  • Take the necessary steps to keep your iPad in proper working order


Respect (Self, Property and Others)


  • Take proper care of the iPad you have been issued
  • Keep your iPad clean (clear of stickers and markings) and dry (away from liquids and food)
  • Keep your hands away from other students’ iPads
  • Keep your iPad closed and in its yellow string backpack in a safe place when not in use
  • Never place your iPad where it may fall or get damaged (such as on an unsteady pile of books, on the floor, on the edge of a table or shelf, on the chair seat, etc.)


Individual Readiness


  • Be sure you are on the correct page and the correct “app” when you are using the iPad in class
  • Be sure you focus your attention where your teacher instructs you to look
  • Use your iPad for the purpose it was issued to you—to assist your learning
  • Let your teacher know immediately if your iPad battery is low, or if something is not working properly
  • Notify your teacher or an administrator immediately if your iPad is missing or damaged


Demonstrated Learning


  • Invest in your learning with the iPad
  • Complete your iPad assignments in the time allotted by remaining on task and focused
  • Remember that iPads may not be taken home, so you must complete work at school
  • Commit to learning the correct use of the “apps” your teacher instructs you to use
  • Be open to learning new things with new technology


Effective Behaviors


  • Follow teacher directions politely when using the iPad in class
  • Make requests for and responses to iPad lessons and “apps” appropriately
  • Make appropriate decisions regarding the use of iPads
  • Never take or tease another student about taking his or her iPad
  • Resist peer pressure when working with your iPads in class or anywhere on campus